Red Vs Blue - OTP - Grimmons! copic Markers : ) 

I’m attempting to get better at backgrounds and amour at the moment but I’m completely in love with drawing these two of late, Can’t wait to draw some more shippy stuff of them both ahhhh feelings. 

I finally figured out my password for this blog so I now have Two art blogs woop! I’ll be uploading different things on each one <333 

Imagine a modern world filled with unlimited potential and possibilities. It sounds similar to ours, but in our world, there are limits in place and possibilities that are curbed by those who seek to mold the world according to unequal and archaic standards. Diversity is a victim of such thoughts and actions. No matter where you look or turn, diversity is all around us, and simultaneously, nowhere to be found. Most creators and storytellers fall back on old ways, never looking outside the box and testing the waters for something new. Hence, our lack of books with diverse characters, films starring non-white actors, and representation in various other aspects of our society. Acknowledging diversity is essential to enrich and broaden our horizons. Without that, we fall into a loop of unoriginal and lackluster creativity, harming our own growth as a civilization and robbing ourselves of unique and untold experiences.
{ This is a quote I contributed to the third part of Mary Sheridan’s series, entitled “Steampunk and the Heroine’s Journey.” Read more of her informative and thought-provoking piece at FANgirl Blog. (cc: racebending) }

Nintama cosplay - Isaku zenpouji  - Mcm London Expo

Cosplayer - Me (Chibicloud)  X

Photographer - Chaz (manga-kachazchan) X

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Elrond x Gil-Galad - Sketch (Otp feelings)


Mughal Dagger 

  • Dated: circa 1675-1700 (sheath fittings, circa 1800)
  • Culture: Indian, Mughal
  • Medium: white nephrite jade hilt and sheath fittings inlaid with foiled rubies, emeralds, and diamonds set in gold; steel blade; velvet covered wooden sheath
  • Measurements: 16 7/8 x 3 x 1 in. (42.86 x 7.62 x 2.54 cm)

Source: Copyright 2013 © LACMA Museum

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The story of Fingon rescuing Maedhros from Angband is really cute and deserves more attention.

I’ve cut out the parts of this that cause more confusion than understanding.

Morgoth held Maedhros as hostage […] and hung him from the face of a precipice upon Thangorodrim, and he was caught to the rock by the wrist of his right hand in a band of steel.


Long before, in the bliss of Valinor, before Melkor was unchained, or lies came between them, Fingon had been close in friendship with Maedhros; […] Therefore he dared a deed which is justly renowned among the feats of the princes of the Noldor: alone, and without the counsel of any, he set forth in search of Maedhros; and aided by the very darkness that Morgoth had made he came unseen into the fastness of his foes […] but no passage or crevice could he find through which he might come within Morgoth’s stronghold. Then in defiance of the Orcs, who cowered still in the dark vaults beneath the earth, he took his harp and sang a song of Valinor that the Noldor made of old […] and his voice rang in the mournful hollows that had never heard before aught save cries of fear and woe.

Thus Fingon found what he sought. For suddenly above him far and faint his song was taken up, and a voice answering called to him. Maedhros it was that sang amid his torment. But Fingon climbed to the foot of the precipice where his kinsman hung, and then could go no further; and he wept when he saw the cruel device of Morgoth. Maedhros therefore, being in anguish without hope, begged Fingon to shoot him with his bow; and Fingon strung an arrow, and bent his bow. And seeing no better hope he cried to Manwë, saying: ‘O King to whom all birds are dear, speed now this feathered shaft, and recall some pity for the Noldor in their need!’

His prayer was answered swiftly. […] Now, even as Fingon bent his bow, there flew down from the high airs Thorondor, King of Eagles, mightiest of all birds that have ever been, whose outstretched wings spanned thirty fathoms; and staying Fingon’s hand he took him up, and bore him to the face of the rock where Maedhros hung. But Fingon could not release the hell-wrought bond upon his wrist, nor sever it, nor draw it from the stone. Again therefore in his pain Maedhros begged that he would slay him; but Fingon cut off his hand above the wrist, and Thorondor bore them back to Mithrim.

There Maedhros in time was healed; for the fire of life was hot within him, and his strength was of the ancient world, such as those possessed who were nurtured in Valinor. His body recovered from his torment and became hale, but the shadow of his pain was in his heart; and he lived to wield his sword with left hand more deadly than his right had been. By this deed Fingon won great renown, and all the Noldor praised him; and the hatred between the houses of Fingolfin and Fëanor was assuaged.

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Practice Drawing, you get more out of it than you think.

Practicing art doesn’t mean you have to invade your personal art time. You can spend most of your art day drawing what YOU want to draw, but at least once in a while take a half hour or more of that time and dedicate it to learning.

Find some photos of hands and feet, or draw your own. Draw them ten times in different positions. Do this with arms, faces, eyes, muscles, trees, everything! If you don’t feel like you’re learning anything while you do it, don’t fret. Most of us get that feeling. You’re not teaching yourself how to draw it outright, you can’t do that in one lesson.

What you’re doing is pocketing some of that information for later. Think of your brain as an empty box. You’ve got to put things in it before you can take anything out. When you practice like this, you’re filling up your box. Not in big pieces, it’s always little ones! But those little pieces add up. 

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This beauty up here is my Ball Jointed Doll that I’ve had for about 5 or 6 years and I’ve just realised that he looks a lot like Maedhros from Silmarillion. 

Well…hahaHAHAA ha ha Ha erghhh. 

Awkward. *Whispers I love him… I have a crush on him and want to marry him, shhh don’t tell my doll. haha so tempted to start calling him russy. 

Pattern close ups - Copic Markers. 

Images X X X X 

Fan fiction for Onelittlemushroom because she is amazing and I want to create things for her being such a awesome friend. : )

Pairing: Gil-Galad x Elrond

Rating: Mature

Sword and Spear clashed vigorously in the courtyards garden. Elrond had finally took the high King up on his offer of sparring. He was finding him self struggling to keep up with Gil-Galad quick witted movements but Elrond managed. He swiftly moved and danced in motion with his King and the thrill of it sometimes left Elrond dazed and his heart hamming hard, not from the sparing itself but from something more intimate.  He took note of Gil-galad’s movements not as a fellow solider would. No he looked at him with attentive eyes. Want. He relived the motions of how Gil-Galad’s muscles shifted and tensed as he fought. It was often that these thoughts spurred Elrond to become more familiar with him-self and avoid his kings eyes for a few days after ward. Gil-Galad took notice of it how ever and was very apologetic. Elrond found it both sweet but sad, manly because his friend had done no wrong but he couldn’t well tell him truthfully of his late night activities. Training however he could blame it on the excitements of fighting. Any misplaced or accidental touches would go unnoticed on both parts or any close fitted positions either would land in was of normal expectations in hand to hand combat.

Elrond’s thoughts made his balance uneven and Like a sudden wave, dizziness hit him. His legs gave way and he landed harshly on his rear. He yelped as his body came in contact with the floor. It wasn’t long before he felt those strong hands of his king placed firmly on each of his shoulders. Elrond’s eyes met Gil-Galad’s, he saw the concern in them and his breath caught in his throat. Gil-Galad was inches away from him, his own breath tingling over Elrond’s skin. Elrond shuddered. He did not allow his eyes to trace the contorts of Gil-Galad’s lips directly but he some how managed to imprint the image of them into his head. He suddenly became aware of how both of them had leaned in, closer than what they had been a few seconds ago. The atmosphere was tense between them yet so inviting, it was like a pulling effect and both parties tried not to give in. Although both of them wanting to.

Gil-Galad’s thumbs drug into Elrond’s shoulders and moved in a circler motion. “You’re stiff” He said breaking the pull between them. His eyes broke from Elrond’s and stared at the firm muscle in his hands. Elrond was caught off guard, his eyes widened as he frantically looked down. Fear Suddenly filled him and he was thankful for Gil-Galad’s next words. “surely you could have asked someone to relieve some of this tension in your shoulders, It’s a wonder you’ve been able to deal with this for so long.” Gil-galad smiled sweetly before standing and offering Elrond his hand  ”Allow me”. Elrond smiled sheepishly back, relieved that his lower half went unnoticed. He stood taking the hand set before him and hissing at the sharp pain his fall had left him. “you should also get one of the healers to look at that” Gil-Galad added his voice mincing his concern.

"It’s nothing" Elrond replied "Just slight bruising, I’ve had worse"  Gil-Galad smiled lovingly although Elrond missed it. Instead Elrond  turned his attention to his dirtied attire and dusted himself off with his free hand. He dared to look up. He knew as soon as he did their hands would part and that little spark from moments before would be lost. He did so anyway and he was right. 

Their eyes did not met again for some time. Elrond felt disappointed but what did he expect to happen. Did he think the high king would firmly pin him to the ground? or he would kiss him and linger with his lips on his own? In front of passing on goers? ‘sure’ Elrond thought. The thoughts of him doing such things was very unlikely. Still Elrond wanted something. Anything. At least something that told him he felt the same way.

“Elrond” Gil-Galad’s voice brought him to attention again. “is something wrong?”  

"No" he stuttered "Not at all"

Gil-Galad raised one of his brows “are you sure? your acting a little strange today” He paused, his face borrowing into a frown “If I have wronged you in some way..” he continued.

 ”I’m fine” Elrond smiled “I must be a little tired from our bout and my heads still a little hazy from the fall”

Gil-Galad face relaxed a little. He was barely a few feet away from Elrond but he hurried to his side. “Here” he said, he placed Elrond’s arm in his trying to support him with out making his friend feel uncomfortable ”Lean on me if you feel the need to”. Elrond felt his face burn and knew all to well that the crimson in his cheeks was on full display. He hoped this would be one of the things that went unnoticed but it was not. “You must be unwell” Gil-Galad said “Your skin is hot and your face is flushed, Are you certain your feeling alright?”

Elrond’s mind raced. He was embarrassed and all words seemed lost. He managed a simply “yes” however. 

"Sit" ordered Gil-Galad. Elrond did as he was told and sat slowly on a small wall facing outwards across the gardens. Gil-Galad’s hands never left a part of his body until be was sure he sat down steadily. At first he knelt between Elrond’s legs looking up at him and checking for any signs of a fever or ill health but he was happy to find nothing wrong with him. He then stood and moved himself to stand behind Elrond placing his hands on his shoulders and needing the firm muscle like bread. Elrond moaned loudly but did nothing the stifle it. Gil-Galad laughed "I don’t do this often but it’s nice to hear your appreciation, maybe I should do this more often"

"As often as you like" Elrond muttered. He found he was enjoying Gil-Galad’s hands coxing his muscles far to much and the drifting hands down his back most pleasurable. He groaned. Not once did Elrond think to hold his voice back, he felt no need to. Gil-Galad however felt torn. He felt shame but was overcome with something else. His undergarments tightened and he was frustrated. Elrond  trusted him and he was betraying that trust with lewd thoughts. He imaged how Elrond’s body  would look disrobed and under his grasp in a different setting and focused how the sounds he was making would echo in side stone walls. Gil-Galad moaned quietly to himself. He did not want to scare his herald but he longed to let his hands drift further. As if both of them had the same thought Elrond moved his body closer into Gil-Galad touch and allowed hands to wonder across hips and thighs.

"Your tense all over" Gil-Galad breathed. 

Elrond placed his head back on Gil-Galad’s shoulder and murmured “What your doing is helping”

"Good" Gil-Galad said his breath hitching at the sudden closeness they both shared "I’m glad" he added.

Gil-Galad rubbed his hands across Elrond’s inner thighs and listened to his uneven pants mingling with his own. After this Elrond and Gil-Galad would deny the others feelings and convince themselves that this was just something normal. That no matter how much they wanted it, the other wouldn’t. 

"Ereinion" Elrond whispered suddenly. Gil-Galad was taken off guard. His name sounded so pleasant on his lips and something tightened in his chest. It was an exhilarating feeling. One he wanted more of. 

"I like that"  Gil-Galad responded quietly.

Elrond smiled. He  placed his hands on Gil-Galad as they moved and worked at the muscle in his legs. “Ereinion” He murmured again. Gil-Galad hummed his approval. Taking the scent of Elrond’s hair as he did. 

Elrond felt Gil-Galad’s lips as they Gently brushed his ear with the words “Say it more often” sounding rhythmically on the fine air between them. Elrond exhaled sharply. Something about freely saying his name brought a strange new feeling to him. Infatuation. 

There time together  was brought to abrupt end. Cirdan came to gather the high king at the request of an old friend. Which Gil-Galad was thrilled with the news yet left dissatisfied with the timing. He turned and looked at Elrond and unspoken words drifted between them. Gil-Galad smiled and took his leave, leaving Elrond flustered and unsure of the events that just took place. Cirdan how ever smiled knowingly and followed Gil-Galad shortly after. Elrond sat on the wall staring out over the gardens and thought. The only thing that convinced him that he wasn’t dreaming was that sharp pain in his rear. He winced, the memory of his fall returning rapidly. Although embarrassed by it, it was something to be thankful of. He was sure of it.